Developer Program

Get sponsored to develop and distribute your genomics app in the cloud, and get access to special programs and a growing community of developers.

An Extensible Genomics Platform

You develop. We help promote.

Reach a broader genomics community through co-marketing opportunities.

Build from scratch. Work in any language.

Utilize a configurable and scriptable infrastructure to run Linux programs in any language and broadly supported file types.

Develop for the world. All in one place.

Distribute your App across genomics industries: Academia, commercial sequencing centers, pharma, and diagnostics testing labs.

Develop freely.

Develop and test your custom-built App liberally with an initial $1,000 credit. Plus, showcase your App on a number of large datasets.


Simply email the following information to apply:

  1. Your name and institution
  2. Briefly describe the problem you are trying to solve
  3. Describe the genomics tool you plan to build